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While there are some things in Internet marketing that just can’t be automated, and perhaps should not be automated, WCR uses industry leading professional software to assist in optimising and promoting client web sites when appropriate to do so. We present just a few of these below.

1. Web Visitor Statistics

As part of any web marketing plan, WCR offers comprehensive client-side real-time visitor statistics to show how many hits (page views and unique visitors) your web site is receiving by hour, day, week, month and year. More importantly, the stats show where your traffic is coming from: search engine placements, key words from search engine optimization, links from other sites, or other sources.

View an online demo of the statistics we provide.

2. Link Popularity

Unlike other SEO marketing firms, WCR will analyse the top ranking pages in the same market/field as the client web site and be familiar with how the top search engines measure link popularity. Link popularity has a multiplier effect upon on-page ranking factors (eg. well designed web pages), so it is extremely important to analyse link popularity carefully.

WCR will analyze a web page and reveal the main variables used by a search engine to determine its rankings.

These include:

    1. Incoming link popularity.
    2. Link text (keyword ratio).
    3. Keyword density ratio on the web page.
    4. Keyword density ratio in the title tag.
    5. Google PageRank rating (if Google is the selected search engine).

3. Search Engine Spider Simulation

Before considering optimising a web page it is important to see what the search engine sees while crawling your site to determine a ranking. WCR uses several industry tools in this regard, Webconf’s Spider Simulator is just one:

4. Page Critic Tools

WCR uses industry leading tools to determine which area(s) of your web site need improvement.Search engine rankings are dependent on many on-page ranking factors, all of which have to be examined and compared to your competition.

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