Web Marketing

Our Web Site Promotion / Marketing Services

Some of the Internet Marketing Services that we can offer include:

  • Strategic Internet Marketing Plan Development
  • Web Site Keyword Analysis and Competitive Intelligence
  • Search Engine Optimisation of your Web site.
  • Web site Maintenance
  • Paid Inclusion Management
  • Paid Keyword Advertising Campaign Management and Performance Reporting
  • Content Creation and Copywriting
  • Link Building and Online Relations
  • Email Marketing (do-it-yourself HTML Newsletters & much more)

If your site needs a major redevelopment, we will recommend or work with your Web designer of choice to make sure your site is optimised for easy indexing by the search engines.

The most common and essential elements of any Web Marketing Plan will include the following:

  1. A Comprehensive Keyword and Competitor Analysis
  2. Web Site Optimisation (Optimization)
  3. A Web Marketing Monthly Maintenance Plan

To make things simpler, we have combined these essential ingredients into two stages. Stage 1 is all about getting your website visible to the search engines spiders (page crawling and indexing software operated by the Search Engines), and hence your search audience using your main target keyword phrases. During Stage 1, we will perform a Keyword Research & Analysis, and then keyword optimise your Website based upon the keywords identified as being the most important.

Stage 2 is your Web Marketing Plan – a specially designed program to maintain your rankings over time, increase the depth of visibility via additional keywords and methods, and maximise the success of your website over time.

Stage 1 – Let’s Get Visible

The packages outlined below offer 3 different levels of expenditure. These costs are a one-off investment, and are required prior to being able to take advantage of a Web Marketing Plan. Keep in mind that we can tailor a customised package to suit your non-standard requirements, should you so choose. Call or email us if you wish to discuss a custom program for your needs.

Package Feature

Bronze SEO Plan

Silver SEO Plan

Gold SEO Plan

Keyword Analysis Report (KWAR)
– up to 100 keywords
Initial Website Optimisation
– requires a KWAR

8 keywords

16 keywords

32 keywords
Free Trial of Web Marketing Plan 1 month 2 months 2 months
Total Package Discount * 0% 5% 10%
Total Upfront Investment $1,210 inc.GST $POA $POA

* The Total Package Discount rate also applies to any Web Marketing Plan you choose to subscribe to.

Bronze SEO Plan (Basic Results):

Delivers some good results in the first 3 to 6 months, depending upon the concentration of demand within the top target keywords. Due to the limited number of keywords we optimise, this SEO Plan is best suited to a niche business targetting a very small market, which typically receives very low search queries on keyword phrases related to their business.

  • You will receive a full Keyword Analysis Report (KWAR), detailing up to 100 keyword phrases.
  • From the KWAR, your Website will be optimised for 8 keywords, which will deliver a minimum positive ROI over time unless and until boosted by an Standard orPremium Web Marketing Plan.
  • One month free trial of our Basic web marketing plan

Silver SEO Plan (Medium Results):

Delivers medium/good results in the first 3 to 6 months, depending upon the concentration of demand within the top target keywords. This plan is best suited to those businesses willing to invest a little more in the success of their site, but understanding that it will still take time to achieve outstanding results. It definitely performs better than the Bronze SEO Plan since it targets optimisation for double the number of keywords, giving you greater ‘visibility’ and hence greater numbers of Search Engine visitors.

  • You will receive a full Keyword Analysis Report, detailing up to 100 keyword phrases.
  • The initial site optimisation will cover 16 keyword phrases, which will give medium depth in visibility and steadily increasing results in the number of searchers finding your Website.
  • Two months free trial of our Basic web marketing plan
  • 5% discount on the SEO Plan investment as well as 5% discount overall on all future purchases made with WCR for SEO/Web Marketing plans and services.

Gold SEO Plan (High Results):

Delivers very good to excellent results in the first 3 to 6 months. This plan is best suited to those businesses wanting to see their website traffic and visibility grow significantly over what they are currently achieving. Typically, the cost factor is not as significant a limiter for clients wanting to take advantage of this plan. After all, bigger results (in terms of larger numbers of site visitors) allow for a much quicker Return On Investment…

As part of the package you will receive:

  • A full Keyword Analysis Report, detailing up to 100 keyword phrases.
  • The initial site optimisation will cover 32 keywords, thereby giving greater depth in visibility and more immediate results in number of searchers finding the target site.
  • Two months free trial of our Standard web marketing plan
  • 10% discount on the SEO Plan investment as well as 10% discount overall on all future purchases made with WCR for SEO/Web Marketing plans and services.

Keyword Research & Analysis Report

Unless you choose the RIGHT KEYWORDS for your particular business and Web site, all the time and money in the world invested in improving your rankings/positions with the search engines WILL be in vain! And the right keywords are not always the ‘obvious’ ones.

We take the guess work out of the equation by examining database records of actual searches performed (the demand side) and the number of result listings that compete for each keyword phrase entered (the supply side). Our secret weapon is a proper, comprehensive, competitive,Keyword Analysis Report listing relevant keywords (up to 100 keywords) (see sample link in the previous Analysis email we sent you).

For more information, go to Keyword Analysis Reporting »We also offer an optional Competitors Analysis Report which details the popularity, strengths & weaknesses, opportunities & threats (and more) between your Website and those of up to 5 competitors. As part of this report, you will also get a Detailed Link Analysis Report detailing up to 50 external site links and how they use link text and keywords to link to your site.

Incoming links to your site (and the link text and keywords they use to create those links) have a significant effect on the “popularity” of your site in the eyes of most of the search engines, and as a consequence, you can use this information to help improve your website traffic (which obviously increases sales).

The Competitors Analysis Report can be purchased separately or used in conjunction with your full Keyword Analysis Report (for $330 inc.GST). Should you choose to include this service as part of a Package deal, the Total Package Discount corresponding to your SEO Plan will also be applied to the Competitors Analysis Report investment (i.e. 0 – 10% discount).

Initial Website Search Engine Optimisation

At least 8 pages of your Web site, including your Home page, are optimised for at least a primary and possibly a secondary keyword phrase, as determined by a proper keyword analysis. The general aim of the exercise is to use/optimise for the top keyword phrases that will typically cover more than 30 to 50 percent of potential target visitors. Incidentally, more pages are optimised each month for additional keywords while you are on a monthly Web Marketing Plan, as it is not possible or cost practical to optimise and rank a website for every possible keyword combination at one time: the average website may be found by several hundred keyword phrases and it takes time to judge how the dynamic demand and supply environment inherent in different search properties affects rankings over time.

For more information, go to Search Engine Optimisation »

Stage 2 – Web Marketing Plan Options

Web Marketing Plan Features




Search Engine URL submissions (& resubmissions where necessary)
Hand (not machine) submissions to the top Search Engines
Custom-written Email Progress Reporting (inc. SE Positions/Rankings reports) Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Reporting based on (Number of keywords) 16 24 40
Page/Content recommendations & minor changes free of charge Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Link building reporting & recommendations Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Recommendations regarding SE’s charging placement fees (client pays)
Recommendations include advice on Web Marketing (eg Pay Per Click, Paid Ads) n/a
Advanced, Client-side Website Visitor Statistics available 24 x 7 days a week Free * Free * Free *
Search engine/ keyword referral breakdowns available 24 x 7 days a week
Additional page optimising/link building (hours per quarter) 0 4 12
Cost per quarter (including GST) $330 $POA $POA

* Website Visitor Statistics are free for up to 5,000 page views per month, and then a small surcharge based upon a volume scale, typically $10 per month, applies.

We can, of course, customise a Web Marketing Plan to suit any Web marketing budget, including expenditure of $10,000 or more per month.

Web Marketing Plan Benefits

Our monthly service is always much more than just a ‘search engine submission and resubmission’ service. We continuously monitor and optimise (optimize) your page content and structure to keep both the search engines and your potential customers happy. We work with copywriting skills, click-path analysis, link building and advertising skills to bring relevant, qualified leads to your business.

The monthly plans are entirely performance based, and there are no minimum periods. Performance goals can be set based upon average visibility across a number of agreed target keywords, but only after a completed Keyword Analysis. Plans may be cancelled in writing, although incomplete months are charged as full months

The difference between the Basic and Standard/Premium expenditure is that in theStandard/Premium, extra funds per quarter are set aside purely for marketing the site. Since, in the Basic plan, much is taken up in pure analysis, reporting, and resubmissions/administration, there is a need to invest additional funds if one wishes to substantially increase the depth of visibility (ie more keywords than 8) or improve existing rankings or overall visibility. Since the average website is found by several hundred distinct keyword phrases, keyword depth is important. The extra quarterly investment will buy between 4 or 12 hours of work optimising existing pages or recommending additional page content affecting aditional keywords or link building to improve link popularity or overall Internet exposure.

With the Standard/Premium plans, there is an option of investing an additional amount in Pay-For-Inclusion/Pay-For-Performance search services like Yahoo/Overture so that more pages are indexable more often, thereby gaining quicker results when monthly changes are made to pages. Amounts not used in a given month due to better results obtained elsewhere, can be rolled forward and/or reinvested elsewhere.If you still wish to know a little more about the how and why of optimising pages for search engines you may find our search engines page helpful.

Free search engine positions report and recommendation

The free report includes the top 15 search engines (representing > 95% of all SE traffic) and rankings for 8 keyword phrases taken from your Home page (or yourself), including your Site/Co. name. We will give you a plain English assessment of your current position and a recommended action plan to give you many more targeted visitors and qualified leads or orders moving forward.